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Category:Hakim Bey Category:1936 births Category:2014 deaths Category:Turkish electronic music groups Category:Discrete math Category:Turkish music groups Category:Turkish electronic musicians Category:Electronic music duos Category:Genetic musicians Category:Musicians from IstanbulQ: Functions with preconditions on GADTs As a hobby I'm currently playing around with GADTs (and their in-house sister, type families). In particular, I'm trying to figure out how to solve the following problem: For some type A, I want a function f such that f :: A -> C, and all elements of C have a precondition. So e.g., type Foo = Bar | Baz | Qux data Bar = Bar data Baz = Baz data Qux = Qux const foo :: (Foo ~ FooBar, foo ~ Booz) => Foo -> Qux foo (Bar) = undefined foo (Baz) = undefined foo (Qux) = undefined const bar :: (Foo ~ FooBar, bar ~ (Qux ~ QuxBar)) => Foo -> Qux bar (Bar) = undefined bar (Baz) = undefined bar (Qux) = undefined bar is obviously not typeable, but I'd like to be able to write something like foo :: Foo -> Qux bar :: (Foo ~ FooBar) => Foo -> Qux Is there any nice way to achieve that? Update: I think this can actually be solved using GADTs, but I'd prefer a solution which only requires a bare set of typeclasses. In the above example, I could simply define class Precondition a where precondition :: a -> Qux class FooBar a => FooBarFun f :: FooBar -> Qux and thus use f in place of bar. Is there any nicer way? Update 2: So, you can define a GADT data Foo = Foo Int data Bar = Bar data Baz = Baz data Qux = Qux data FooBar a where FooBarInt :: Int -> FooBar a instance FooBar Foo where FooBarInt 0 = undefined FooBar ac619d1d87

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